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Meditation mit Nebenwirkungen - Kann Achtsamkeit krank machen?

 Is mindfulness making us ill? Ein Artikel über die möglichen Gefahren von Meditation hat mich und zwei Kollegen in den Austausch gebracht. Lest gern selbst den Artikel und unsere Gedanken dazu unten. Was meint ihr?  "Then comes the meditation. We’re told to close our eyes and think about our bodies in relation to the chair, the floor, the room: how each limb touches the arms, the back, the legs of the seat, while breathing slowly. But there’s one small catch: I can’t breathe. No matter how fast, slow, deep or shallow my breaths are, it feels as though my lungs are sealed. My instincts tell me to run, but I can’t move my arms or legs. I feel a rising panic and worry that I might pass out, my mind racing. Then we’re told to open our eyes and the feeling dissipates. I look around. No one else appears to have felt they were facing imminent death. What just happened?" Lest den ganzen Artikel hier in the guardian   A schrieb dazu: ... so was liest man ja